Garage Clean up in Pembrokeshire

Cleaning Your Garage In Pembrokeshire


To clean your garage firstly assemble these items. Plastic containers, Brush, labels, Hoover and tape. Also use gargare dustbin bags. Put boxes, bin bags and kitchen roll together with clean cloths in the garage.

  • Boxes
  • Tape
  •  Dustbin bags
  • Cloths and kitchen roll


Set aside two days for the Cleaning your garage in Pembrokeshire.

Set aside a whole two days for this work. Unless you think they will be a hindrance get all of the family involved so you can assign tasks to each person. Think about holding a garage sale, and be sure to mention the money you could all make.





Clean  up oil spills before they stain or cause possible slips in your Pembrokeshire garage.

Wear gloves when moving chemicals


Get Organised To Clean your Pembrokeshire Garage.


If you haven’t got shelves in your garage think about a good quality shelving unit for the walls. All hardware shops sell a good variety of units. Storing things on the floor is a waste of space.


Purchase some plastic containers with lids that will fit onto the shelves. Measure the height of the shelves making sure the containers are not too tall to fit.


You will need 3 sorts of containers in the garage. One each for Junk, Charity shops and items you’ve borrowed and you will be returning,  items to go to be repaired, and things that need to go into the house. Use a large bin for rubbish, and dustbin bags or boxes for items destined for the charity shops and the items needed to go for repair or returned to their owners.


Throw away anything lying around that you never use. Never mind that it may look to be useful –  If you are not using it then it’s worthless. Be firm and say if hasn’t been used for a year  it is not needed Remove big things like tables for more cleaning space.

Collect the small items like tools ornaments and decorations then separate them.


As you go through everything in the garage you will want to sort items into major areas such as collectable, pet items tools, Christmas decorations and others. As the more things that you can place together the easier it will be to see what you want to keep and what you no longer need. In addition you will be sure to find items that have been missing for some time.


Consider using Gumtree or Pembrokeshire Freeitems or other online sales sites to sell anything that has value. It is simple to post items and you may have something that is worth more than you think. Look up a similar item on EBay to see what value you could get.Clean -up -your -garage


Label full containers then stack them onto the shelves. The idea is to have everything  in the garage is clearly labelled so that you can see where things are from a distance. Call the people you need to return things to and arrange  to deliver or get them collected. If the owner doesn’t want them put them in the  donation area.

Look at the items destined for repairs. Is it going to be worth the expense and time? If not, put them into the rubbish bin. If it’s worth it then take to the repair shop straight away.


Take the donation stuff to the charity shops straight away too. Don’t leave these items lying around. The objective of this job is to make space; you don’t need or want items in your garage any longer.



Selling what you can. You can use your unwanted items to have a garage sale or sell online.

Now you can brush your gained floor space and remember to give yourself a big pat on the back.


There may even be room for the car!

clean up your garage in pembrokeshire

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Page updated June 11th 2017.